Rehabilitation, Repositioning and Renewal

Creating Functional and Sustainable Buildings

Our environmental plans center around the active repositioning of older buildings as we seek to reduce the impact of facilities in our existing portfolio. We understand the value of wholeheartedly committing to embracing green building practices in our daily processes, and we have set ambitious operational goals for the future of our firm.

Furthermore, we are implementing measurable benchmarking systems for data collection and analysis, actively working to build an extensive rooftop solar program, and pursuing certifications for new development projects. We are coupling regular assessments and reporting on our current properties with carefully developed ESG investment criteria for future decisions as we seek to build out a wholly sustainably positioned portfolio.

Since 2020, we have installed LED lighting in 59% of the portfolio reducing energy usage by approximately 14%. In total, the portfolio has LED lighting in 76% of our assets.

Our client-focused initiatives work alongside those for our tenants, as we pride ourselves on being a valuable partner to all of our constituents. We aim to provide sustainable, efficient, and functional assets in locations that benefit both client and community needs.

Property-Focused Initiatives

Active Reuse & Rehabilitation
Tracking Building Utility Data
Benchmarking GRESB
Reducing Water/Energy Usage
Focus on Safety & Maintenance
Smart Energy & Water Metering
Asset Resiliency & Mitigating Risks
Direct Community Investment

Progress: Environmental Initiatives