Reducing Risk Through a Culture of Integrity

Collective Accountability

Governance is critical to how we operate and reduce risk. We believe that strong governance combined with empowerment will lead to greater success.

This is reflected in our culture of integrity and respect, our operating protocols, our approach to diversification, and our risk management program.

Our initiatives include improving our departmental level playbooks, continuous cyber security training, and participation in industry discussions regarding environmental impact reduction.

Governance Initiatives


Annual audits at corporate and fund levels.

Board of Directors

Board of directors made up of both executives and external advisors.

Due Diligence

Extensive due diligence process for new acquisitions. In-house general counsel overseeing all contracts.


Robust corporate insurance including general/auto/umbrella liability, employment practices liability, professional liability, fiduciary and crime liability, employed lawyers' liability, cyber security, workers compensation, directors and officers.

Investment Committee

Two stage investment committee approval: initial investment and non-refundable milestone. Investment committee includes an external advisor.

Operating Principles

Multi-layer proactive risk management. Clear and documented policies and procedures.