Internship @ Westcore

Kickstart your career with a summer internship opportunity at Westcore

Our six-week Commercial Real Estate Summer Internship Program provides undergraduate students with a unique opportunity to collaborate with our diverse team and gain valuable experience in Asset Management or Finance. Through mentorship, hands-on experience, and networking opportunities, summer interns will develop essential skills and knowledge relevant to their degree focus while contributing meaningfully to our organization.
Real-world industry experience
Asset Managment or Finance Tracks
Growth through mentorship and networking

Program Structure


Interns will be assigned to either Asset Management or Finance based on their degree focus and career interests.


Each intern will be paired with a dedicated mentor who will provide guidance, support, and feedback throughout the program.


Interns will undergo comprehensive training sessions at the beginning of the program to familiarize themselves with company policies, industry practices, and specific departmental functions.

Projects and Assignments

Interns will work on real-life projects and assignments under the supervision of their mentors, allowing them to apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations


Interns will have the opportunity to network with professionals within the organization and the broader real estate industry through events, meetings, and informational interviews.

Feedback and Evaluation

Regular feedback sessions will be conducted to assess interns' progress, address any challenges, and provide opportunities for growth.

Our Commitment:

•  We are dedicated to providing opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds, including those who may not have traditional access to the commercial real estate industry.
•  We are committed to fostering the development of future leaders in real estate and support the growth of our community.